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Victory Brief introduction of the Victory International Education & Training 

The Victory International Education & Training Center is established in the United States and gathers the most advanced educational idea in the world, integrates world entrepreneurs training and world energetics training. The entrepreneurs training of Victory International Education & Training Center is devoted to promoting life-long learning of entrepreneurs and senior management of corporations improving leadership of managers, expanding development potential and promoting sustainable development. Combined with management practice of Chinese enterprises, the institute introduces world advanced economic management theory and teaching method to create world leading management education teaching system. The Victory International Education & Training Center initiates the world energetics training, employs U.S. top-level energetics master to give instruction, energy has strong and infinite potency, the existence of all ecological environments in the earth is totally formed via the conversion of our “life energy” and universe mind, to learn energetics can help everyone to achieve positive thinking, optimistic facing difficult problems, objectively dealing with problems, introspective wisdom promotion, tolerantly treating others and humorously treating life. And finally, we will be guided to healthy life road full of positive energy. 

Class setting 

Introduction of special programs

Energy-exploration to the Truth of Yourself 
Energetics teachers will lead, guide and accompany students to realize their own real essence with greatest mercy and love, so as to make everyone finding real and nice essence, finding intrinsic strength to face and cross the challenges, and learning to really love myself and others. To learn “energetics” is not merely to see the “epiphase(surface)” of things, but to see “truth” via energy state: real emotion and internal real need. 

Corporate Governance, Stock Rights System and Risk Control 

This course will explain how to operate the company most efficiently, how to seek for survival and development in fierce market competition and how to ensure the benefits of profit-relevant persons in each aspect of the company for enterprise senior manager from the angle of strategic level. 

Enterprise Structural Regulation, Transformation and Upgrading
The combination of ideas and management practice can help enterprise senior manager to clarify thought and clear thinking, and facilitate enterprise transformation and changing, so as to achieve excellent enterprise navigator. Clarify thought and clear thinking, and facilitate enterprise transformation and transformation, so as to achieve excellent enterprise navigator. Based on years of concentrate studies on enterprise transformation and changing, this course is developed freshly, world professor authority will give lectures to integrate ideas and management practice, so as to help enterprise senior manager to clarify thought and clear thinking. 

Overseas Investment and Merge of Chinese Enterprises 
The enhancement of Chinese overseas investment ability and the development of China transnational enterprises are not only the embodiments of China’s world competitiveness, but also the important opportunity and way to integrate global resources and join in global governance under the new globalization trend of Chinese enterprises. However, Chinese overseas investment started late relatively, there exists huge difference of system, culture, historic development and other aspects between China and most countries in the world, for Chinese enterprise as the late-comer of global investment, it also forms obvious obstacle and huge challenge. In this context, global data and real cases will be used in this course to jointly discuss the opportunities and ways to fight for integration and sustainable development via integrating domestic and abroad resources under such complex global trend based on classical theory and analytical framework of international enterprises. 

International and Domestic Private Equity Investment and Financing
Understand and learn the life cycle of private equity and firm growth, the orientation and trend of international and domestic private equity, risk management of VC/PE investment valuation and value realization, private mode of operation, investment and financing strategy, acquisition and reorganization policy, entry and exit mode, etc.

Leadership Development
In today’s external uncertainty of organization and internal instability, the leaders with comprehensive management ability are called. In this course, the leader’s knowledge and skills demanded by effective management will be analyzed systematically from three levels of individual leadership, team leadership and organizational leadership.