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Victory  capital advantage

1. Comprehensive international elite team covers technology, business, economy, finance and law comprehensively, besides discovery ability, it also possesses strong analytical judgment ability, in-depth dialogue ability and overall participation ability. Team professional ability and the traditional American VC form very strong complementarity, it not only has the ability to deeply dialogue with the U.S. project, the  bilateral connecting “bridge type dialogue" depth with the project and China, but also has the linkage ability to assist an overseas investment object to be successfully introduced into Chinese market. Most of the team senior executives graduate from top U.S. colleges and universities, it is a team fully equipped with technology, enterprise, asset, law, it is devoted to scientific innovation and investment, especially integrated investment and merge with strong property of participation.

2. Victory capital investment team not only has profound American professional background, but also it is closely linked with China to have further study to problems in China, capable of designing and implementing practical solution to significant problem specific to China’s futures economy and technical development.

3. Victory capital builds an international collaborative innovation system to integrate global innovation resources and promote quality and efficiency of technical innovation activities. At present, Victory capital has a science and technology incubator in Los Angeles, and at the same time, Victory has set up close cooperation relationship with several dozens of top scientific and technological incubators in Canada Europe and global 5 countries and regions, and has had innovation activity contact with Stanford University, Tsinghua University, Princeton, Harvard and other elite international institutes. Victory capital has rich experience of operating global activities, and it is devoted to building multilevel and multi-field cross-border R&D platform, industrialization platform and business development platform, it has become the pilot implementing “go out” strategy of China technique enterprise, and provided appropriate soft landing services for global innovative enterprises to expand Chinese market.

4. In order to build energetic innovation and entrepreneurship zoology, Victory investment builds an efficient resources integration platform to integrate government, enterprise, R&D, capital, talent, trade, media and other aspects of resource, so as to form a resource network and achieve effective allocation. The professionalization positioning of Victory capital makes the excavation of the resources in industry chain has enough depth, so as to make service rising to the height of building industry eco-system from single case. The utilization efficiency of resource can be improved via promoting sharing and complementary of industry chain. 

5. Victory has grand layout in the field of science and finance, the purpose is to build a financial service system covering the full life circle of scientific innovation enterprise. Victory capital has own direct-invested fund for mainly investing incubated enterprise. Victory capital has established cooperative relationship with a lot of first-line financing institutions to build a complete financial service linkage, capable of providing all-around financial supports including each stage of equity financing, science and technology loans, finance lease, science technology insurance, trust, third party payment, finical big data, Capital Markets Services (IPO and curb market listing), so as to promote better combination of capital and technology, and to speed up the progress of technology transfer and industrialization. Specific to the characteristics of scientific innovation enterprise, Victory capital will jointly develop creative financial products and services with its cooperated financing institution, so as to meet the demands of scientific innovation enterprise. Victory capital will also positively carry out layout on Internet financial field to explore new financial field.