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Victory capital services

1.Joint venture, merger and acquisition

Assist Sino-America corporations to establish partnership We assist Sino-America corporations to establish effective and feasible partnership via the forms of joint venture, merger and acquisition, so as to make both parties mutually benefiting from such partnership. We assist Sino-America corporations to establish partnership, including the following contents: 

●Joint venture enterprise

●Joint venture project (to implement specific project) 

●Cooperation program (to share specialty, technology and operating procedures of both parties) 

2.Technical exchange

Promote the technical exchange between Sino-America corporations, China’s development cannot be separated with world’s advanced technology, and the development of the world cannot be separated with huge and constantly-developing market. More and more enterprises in U.S. enter into Chinese market via transferring technology to China. We: 

●Assist Sino-America corporations to find proper technology in U.S., so as to achieve technology transfer between Sino-America corporations. 

●We obtain production technology from U.S. on behalf of Chinese enterprises via acquisition, merger and other technology. 

3.Capital investment

Promote investment and financing between Sino-America corporations, we take advantages of rich capital resources in U.S. to cooperate with U.S. financing institution, we seek funds and investment demanded by development and expansion of Chinese enterprises. We: 

●Seek potential investor, venture investment, equity investment, fund and other capital resources for Chinese enterprises. 

●Assist Chinese enterprise to obtain overseas investment and financing

●Assist Chinese enterprise to go to U.S. for listing or listing financing in U.S. via reverse merger

4.Sino-America corporations innovation incubator
(Los Angeles) Victory capital is engaged in collection, incubation, operation and other works of U.S. science and technology project, and recommends the successfully-hatched projects to Chinese government and science park, so as to achieve all-dimensional linkage with China in project, capital, industry and market, we are devoted to building entrepreneur services ecological value circle integrated with exchange, integration, win-win and development, and we assist the transformation of Chinese economy to China creation from made in China.