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Why do we invest in U.S. real estate?

With the further development of domestic market economy, the growth of domestic economy in the future and investment risk will close up to developed countries gradually, therefore, diversified cross-border asset allocation becomes the important focusing point for the assets accretion of high net worth individual. At present, about sixty percent of the domestic high net-worth personage says that they are considering or have completed investment immigrant, the reason is mainly focused on cross-border diversified configuration, children education, asset maintenance and appreciation. Relying on economic viability, leading position of scientific and technological innovation, the maturity of financial market and other factors, the United States is always the main centralized place of overseas asset allocation for the international high net-worth customers, constant return products and real estate are the main investor stream of high net-worth personage.

U.S. economy is presenting the strongest growth since the Great Recession 6 years ago, which does not embody in GDP growth in the thought of Chinese investors, but in the real micro-economy activity, namely, enterprise is employing staff, house price, sales and construction activity significantly increase, corporate profit and share price make historic maximum records respectively, customers jack up expenditure to release latent demand which has been restrained for a long time due to wealth effect and income confidence.

And now, the duration of visa from China to U.S. substantially extends, which will promote the well development of U.S. real estate to a greater extent. And in recent years, with the immigrant austerity and visa policy of multiple countries with UK and Australia as representatives, even, in Hong Kong, capital investment migrant planning has been suspended comprehensively, which limits overseas investment channel of the rich in China. Under such circumstance, for Chinese people, the United States where its business/tourist visa duration extends to 10 years from 1 year and the duration of the Student Visa extends to 5 years from 1 year seems to be the best choice for the rich in China.