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COLLABORATING TO DELIVER YOUR VISION Project experience of the Victory group includes multiple categories of real estate, medical treatment, housing, offices, agencies, industry and retail. We have a comprehensive design and build team, and the experts of each disciplinary team in our company will create solutions to meet your requirements in various aspects of details. As separate individual team, you can save time and save money during cooperation with us. Our task is to achieve your vision to make your dreams a reality.

Type of real estate  

Value chain professionalization 

The most important points for the developers are pre-sales and after-sales service, Victory is skillful at each link of production chain of real estate.

Therefore, the operational core of Victory is to control the both ends of real estate value chain: focusing on design, quality control and after-sales service management. Construction and production are mainly implemented via contractors, the supervisory personnel of Victory is responsible for monitoring builders of the all rooms and participating in important design decisions, coordinating contractor and supplier's work, so as to control cost and to ensure that quality is in accordance with local standards. In the leading end of value chain, Victory has flexible capacity of designing houses and handling with details. 

In the rear end of value chain, friendly, modest and courteous service to customers is also the selling point to win good graces and business. All staff of the Victory company are requested to rapidly and politely respond customer's all requirements, which brings persistent business and good influence in practice.  

Control to both ends of value chain makes Victory concentrating on providing attractive products to customers, reducing management cost of the company and improving operating efficiency of the company, so as to achieve rapid expansion.